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Engine developer DrMcCoy, eriktorbjorn, sev, Strangerke, wjp
Companies that used it Coktel Vision
Games that use it See Games
Date added to ScummVM 2005-04-05
First release containing it 0.8.0


Engine to run adventure games created by Coktel Vision:

Note: Inca 1 also uses the same file formats as the other games, but it uses a different engine


  • Gobliiins, Gobliins 2, Goblins Quest 3, Ween: The Prophecy, Bargon Attack, Lost in Time, Woodruff, Fascination, Urban Runner, Bambou, Geisha, Little Red, Adibou 2 (Environment, Read/Count 4/5 + 6/7) are completable
  • Adibou 1 / A.J.'s World:
    • Mostly playable
    • A few graphical glitches
  • Adibou 2 / Addy Junior
    • Environment CD and Read/Count 4-5 years & 6-7 years completable without known issues
    • No printing support / No Microphone support
    • Extensions "Nature/Sciences", "English", and "Music" not supported (yet)
  • Adibou 3 / Adiboo 3
    • Huge work ahead (uses a newer version of the Gob Engine called DEV7)
  • ADI 4 / ADDY 4
    • Lots and lots of missing opcodes
  • Méwilo
    • TOT File format is different (Work ahead for adjust degob so it can read the TOT files from Méwilo)
  • The Last Dynasty:
    • Somewhat playable
    • Segmented VMD resources don't work
    • Hard-coded space shooter is missing
  • Playtoons
    • Story mode works
    • Construction mode broken
  • Inca II:
    • Completeable
    • Hard-coded space shooter not implemented

Technical Information


  • TODO page List of ToDo's which has to be fixed.
  • Bugs: List of bugs that occurred in the original versions.